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Duration:4 hours  Route:Nikola - Listvyanka

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Entrance ticket to the Museum of Baikal

Ascent, descent on the cable car

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Not much has been written about Listvyanka, which has become the hallmark of Baikal, despite all the bright events and facts that have occurred here. It is from here that an acquaintance with the amazing natural world of the Baikal region for numerous guests and tourists begins. The first Siberian settlers called this place at the source of the Angara — Larch.

This name was given to the village because of the large number of larches growing in these places. Now another name has taken root — Listvyanka. Larch is not only on the watershed of Baikal and Angara, it is also on the break of historical times. At first glance, this is a modern tourist village with new hotels and an actively developing infrastructure.

But it is worth walking a little further along the shore, and the times cease to matter. Around only wild nature, undeveloped and untamed, living by its laws, the vast expanse of water and forever clouded mountain ranges.

Listvyanka has long been a tourist center of the Baikal region. As in previous years, it is from here that ships leave with travelers and vacationers on small excursions and long cruises. Considering that the Baikal highway and Listvyanka settlement is the shortest way to visit Lake Baikal, for tourists this is usually the first and often the only place to explore Baikal.

Geographically, Listvyanka is located in a unique place — at the head of the Angara, the only river that flows out of Lake Baikal. Irkutsk citizens and guests come here for a measured, civilized rest in numerous cafes, hotels and baths, or just sit on the pebbled shore of Baikal, admire the opening landscapes and recharge your batteries from the sacred lake.

But the number of attractions in Listvyanka is huge and you can’t get around them on your own even in two days off. Limnological Museum, Nerparii, a forge, a center of sled dogs, an art gallery, a vacuum telescope, a viewing platform, a cable car, and many other interesting and often unique objects. Our guides will be happy to show you all the sights of Listvyanka and tell you interesting facts about Baikal.
Tour starts at 11:00 (time can be adjusted according to your desire)

  • Observation deck at the source of the Angara «Shaman-stone»
  • Excursion to the Museum of Baikal with a tour of the main exposition, the exposition “Interactive immersion to the bottom of Baikal” and a limnological aquarium
  • Climbing the cableway to Chersky Stone, descent
  • St.Nicholas Church
  • Observation deck on the cape «Birch»
  • Visiting the “Gifts of Baikal” market

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